Friday, 30 March 2012


I've spent the morning helping hubby digging in the garden ready for the patio and this afternoon working on my next fabulous CD 'Nouveau Rose', it is still in its infant stages but work is progressing nicely.  It will be packed with stunning toppers, backing papers, gift boxes, digistamps and more with the main focus being on the Nouveau rose and elegant ladies.  The roses and leaves all have an embossed look giving your cards dimension without the bulk.  These are all brand new designs drawn my little old me so even if you already have Nouveau Style or Sophisticated Ladies CDs this will be totally different.

The CD will be ready in mid-April but you could be in with a chance of winning the first copy as well as this card signed by me.  All you have to do is to leave a comment under this post and I will choose a lucky winner when the CD is ready for production.

Good Luck



Had a lovely day out yesterday but didnt snag any bargains, I did see at least 4 coffee tables I'd love to restore, not quite sure I need that many coffee tables though!!!

However whilst perusing the second hand shops I came across something that inspired me beyond belief in fact so much so I worked till after 9pm last night drawing.  Cant say anymore right now but watch this space.

Another gorgeous day here so must get on with some paperwork (bill paying booooo) then out in the garden for a bit before the weather turns cold and wintry ................... again!


Thursday, 29 March 2012


Another gorgeous sunny day here in Dundee so I'm off out for a bit with my daughter Laura and grandaughter Rachel.  We are going second had shop rummaging to see what we can find to upcycle.  Dont you just love a good rummage!!!  I'm leaving Kenny and the dog Bailey in charge of getting the patio finished.  He's done a little bit of crazy paving at the top of the stairs now a larger area needed for the picnic bench.  Crazy paving for a crazy family!!!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Beaded Watch

Betsy Button Bear

I love getting creative and have dabbled in most things although I've discovered that crochet is my Achilles Heal, I just dont get it!!!  Here are a couple more creations.  I seem to favour the same colour pallette, does anyone else find themselves doing this?


I fancied trying something a little different and originally my intention was to print onto vellum then emboss and create a parchment type effect however upon rummaging through the printable paper box I came across a sheet of printable canvas in a lovely natural colour.  My creative mind went into overdrive and I went in search of Hubby's painting stash where I happened upon a lovely 8" x 10" canvas in a soft natural tone.

I started off by inking the edges of the canvas using Rhubarb Stalk ink, I printed a sheet of toppers from the Rainbow Rose Collection CD I used silicone glue to adhere the largest topper to the top right corner, added a tassle, printed bow and embellishment.   I then stamped an image in the bottom left corner, this was not as easy as I had hoped and had to layer the canvas over books to give me a solid base, the back of the ladies head didn't come out too well so I used one of the printed ribbons from the topper sheet to hide it, adding real lace and some fabric flowers.  I used a punch for the butterflies and some stickles glue to add some butterfly trails.

This is the first time I've created anything like this but its definately created a whole new avenue using CDs and other embellishments.  Who says you can't be creative with CDs???



I often get asked if I have a blog and once upon a time I did but I never had anything interesting to say (and still dont!!!) But here I am attempting to blog again.  I will ramble and chatter and hopefully once in a while inspire and impress you with some crafty creations.  I may even offer some blog candy (when I figure out whats its all about!!!).

So for now blog post 1 over and out!!!