Thursday, 29 March 2012


Another gorgeous sunny day here in Dundee so I'm off out for a bit with my daughter Laura and grandaughter Rachel.  We are going second had shop rummaging to see what we can find to upcycle.  Dont you just love a good rummage!!!  I'm leaving Kenny and the dog Bailey in charge of getting the patio finished.  He's done a little bit of crazy paving at the top of the stairs now a larger area needed for the picnic bench.  Crazy paving for a crazy family!!!



  1. Oh you have top go to the Ferry and the second hand shops there. Its brilliant!!! Fabby stuff, Ive not been for years but used to love going round em all,

    Love Hxx

  2. Have a good rummage Sharon. Hopefully the patio will be finished before you return LOL!

  3. Hope you had a good rummage Sharon and did Kenny & Bailey finish their job?? Crazy paving would make a good design for a backing paper.

    Mary x