Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I so hate being wrong, the weather men threatened snow and I didnt believe them one tiny little bit!!!  Woke up and 5.30 this morning and thought I was dreaming, went back to bed and got up again at 6.30 and nope it was true this is what the back garden looked like!!!  Its now 9am and still falling!

One week ago we were down the beach in the evening.  Children were paddling, students were having a bbq, surfers were surfing and we were having a great time playing with the dog!

Life really is throwing us some curve balls lately, I cant help thinking we are just one big big brother experiment and on another planet far away some little alien beings are having a real blast at our expense!!!!

Who knows what tomorrow has in store!!!!!


  1. Can't believe you've had snow Sharon! We had beautiful sunshine all day in S Wales but it was very cold.
    One blogging tip - don't forget to give each post a title!

  2. just wrap up and keep warm Sharon, fab photo, I guess we have the snow comming Hugs Elaine