Monday, 2 April 2012


Woooo hooooo (ok I'm faking it).  Its Monday, its the first day of the childrens holidays and guess what??? 
ITS RAINING!!!  Its like some kind of law that it must rain at Easter!!!

The kids are all very creative so we'll just have to have a rummage in the craft room and make stuff, probably a mess but so long as they are happy then its ok.  In fact we brought down a huge box of photos from the loft last week so I think scrapbooking should keep them entertained for a while.  That way I can get on with some designing and creating!!

First of all its cuppa tea time.

Have a great week



  1. Bad luck on the weather front Sharon - it's really sunny here in S Wales. I'm sure you'll find something for the kiddiewinks to do.

  2. That fine drizzly wet rain here too Sharon, hate it, you get wetter with this stuff than heavy rain.. I really really need to tidy my craft room but i just cannot be bothered just now.. Bet i can make more mess than all your kids together. Enjoy your designing.

    Mary xx