Sunday, 24 June 2012


Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.

I thought for a while there I was completely losing it.  Life has been a bit hard lately and last week completely overwhelmed me.  Its so hard seeing your children suffering from health and personal issues even if they are 23 years old.  Once a mum always a mum and we just want to put a plaster on and kiss it better.

We have had so many family and business issues to deal with what doesnt kill us can only make us stronger .................. right!!!!!

I have to say a huge thankyou to all the love and support I have received from my friends near and far especially on Craftelly Forum, this is a place where most TV crafters fear to tread yet I have found this bunch of nutty crafters to be a truly caring, sharing, gifted bunch.  They have rallied round and supported me through one of my most trying weeks ever in the history of 'trying weeks'.

So a great big thankyou everyone for restoring this crafters faith in craft kindness.



  1. Just a big crafty hug is all you really needed!

  2. Hey! Who're you calling nutty LOL! We luv ya really! I hope this week will be so much less stressful for you all. Keep smiling Sharon - oh and keep on designing/crafting!.
    Pyjama Princess

  3. Silly sausage!!! We aren't nutty - we're totally bonkers! We wouldn't help so much if we weren't good friends. Don't understand why some people fear to tread amongst us! We're mostly civilised! Hope you're having a better week this week!

  4. I love being called nutty, I wish I could keep ordering those truckloads of craft mags to help Sharon but you know my predicament, I'm sending you Feng Shui Money thoughts ! xoxoxoxo hugz xoxoxo Fab